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General Meeting Minutes, September 16, 2017

General Meeting Minutes • September 16, 2017

In Attendance:  Linda Burpee, Christy Schroeder, Barbara Carter, Serafina Strickland, Jan Mullen, Candace Johnson

Meeting schedule update:
October:  Workshop, “Luscious Layered Lettering” with Kristen Doty  (room is still available), October 14 &15, 2017.  The workshop will replace our monthly general meeting.
The workshop scholarship was promoted and members were encouraged to apply

February: Suzie has secured a guest for our meeting—Patricia Hiss, who will be doing a presentation on mini books.

No Treasurer’s report, as Nicole was absent.

Other news:
Serafina will be attending an annual retreat in Goldbar, sponsored by Write On Calligraphers (WOC), Sept 22-24.  A few registration positions were still open at the time of the meeting. 

2018 Seattletters Conference update:

Linda and Bruce recently attended a meeting about the conference. 

Chuck Beringer (Suzie’s husband) and Bruce Burpee (Linda’s husband) have taken on the task of transportation for the conference.

16 inquiry/invitation letters are being sent by Robin Gebhardt to potential 2-day vendors.

The Olympia guild has offered to contribute to our Bags.

Linda Marshall, of our guild, will donate something from her business, Washi Papers.

Suzie is making the cloth cord keepers, and Stampadoodle donated the rubber stamp of the conference logo to be stamped on the cord keepers.

Katherine Malmsten and Sue Gruhn are making pen wipes from flannel material found at Goodwill—in keeping with the recycle and reuse idea of the conference.

We are still wanting a good quality water bottle for the bags and will look into a donor / sponsor for this.

Nicole has offered storage room at her home for items being donated as they begin arriving.

We WILL NOT be using Trader Joe’s bags, but instead will research other options.

Serafina enthusiastically offered her help with any projects associated with the Bags.

Hand held paper fans are another possible item for the Bags.  Serafina has seen fans made of watercolor paper that can be decorated—she will check into this.

Lists of tasks to be delegated will be made available later.
Volunteers will be needed for conference prep duties, and WOC is hoping that local
Bellingham / Whatcom County people will step up to this.  Duties will include (but not limited to): meeting instructors at airports and transport to WWU, golf cart drivers around campus, answering questions during the conference, etc.

$$$ has been earmarked in the conference budget for 5 scholarships and evening presentations.

Meeting Program:

Watercolor marker backgrounds (Christy)
Decorative napkin paper (Linda)
Simple origami fold envelope (Serafina)

Respectfully submitted by:
Christy Schroeder, substituting for RW Secretary, Karen Clark

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